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Effervescence Fabric - $10.00 per yard with a minimum 1/2 yard cut.  (Sale Price)

These are the original fabrics with the border on one side of the fabric.

This new color has a gradation of colors the full width of the fabric and no border.


RK-product AAQ-17061-12

Effervescence - AAQ-17061-12 Grey  3 kits available for the Two Fabric Bargello and 2 one yards and 1 two yard pieces

Effervescence AAQ-11209-201 Jewel


Effervescence AAQ-11209-189 Ebony (out of stock)


Effervescence AAQ-11209-195 Bright


Effervescence AAQ11209-204 Primary


Effervescence AAQ11209-163 Spice



Effervescence AAQ11209-3 Red


 Effervescence AAQ11209-59 Ocean


 Effervescence AAQ11209-133 Gold- Limited Quantity


Effervescence AAQ11209-155 Stone -(Limited Quantity 1 yard or 1/2 yard cuts only)


Effervescence AAQ11209-268 Nature - Limited Quantity


Effervescence AAQ11209-278 Atmosphere


Effervescence AAQ11209-203 Celebration - Limited Quantity


Effervescence AAQ11209-253 Boysenberry


Effervescence AAQ11209-191 Autumn -  Limited Quantity





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